Thrill of the Hunt

For Mason, Mich., resident Doug Smith and Lansing resident Jessie Treat, November is all about hunting.

"You can't buy that excitement anywhere in the whole world," said Smith.

"Your heart beats so fast you can barely talk."

Having hunted together for more than 13 years, the two form one of the most persistent groups around Dansville, Mich., and often living in their trailer and camping for months in the open field.

Their campsite, Camp Big Buck, welcomes hunting fans from around the country, some who come from as far away as Georgia.

"We always make sure everybody is taken care of," Treat said.

But for Smith, the best part of the game is to experience the wilderness of nature, one leaf at a time.

"You get to watch the season changes," Smith said."(To) actually watch and see all the leaves fall off (of) one tree, you’d appreciate that."